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DOT-111 Phased Out of Ethanol Service

All jacketed and non-jacketed DOT-111 carrying ethanol are to be phased out of service, as required by the FAST Act.

Deadline for Non-Jacketed CPC-1232 in Crude Oil

All non-jacketed DOT-111, built to the industry’s voluntary CPC-1232 standard, are to be phased out of crude oil service, as required by the FAST Act.

DOT Removed ECP Brake Requirements

DOT removes ECP brake requirements for High Hazard Flammable Liquids Unit Trains. [Read Federal Register Notice here]

Canada Accelerates Phase Out Timeline

Transport Canada issue Protective Direction 39, to further accelerate the phase out timeline for unjacketed CPC-1232 tank cars in crude oil service to November 1, 2018, and DOT-111 and unjacketed CPC-1232 tank cars in condensate service to January 1, 2019. [Read Protective Direction here]

Jacketed DOT-111 Deadline for Crude Oil Tank Cars

All jacketed DOT-111 have been removed from crude oil service, as required by the FAST Act.

First FAST Act Deadline

All non-jacketed DOT-111 carrying crude oil have been phased out of service in the U.S., as required by the FAST Act. The industry met 97 percent of this goal 18-months ahead of schedule.

DOT-111 Removed From Crude Oil Service in Canada

The industry was in full compliance with Transport Canada’s Protective Direction 38, which required all DOT-111 tank cars to be removed from crude oil service in Canada. [Read Protective Direction here]

Canada’s Minister of Transport Accelerates DOT-111 Phase-Out Schedule

The Minister of Transport Canada, Marc Garneau, issued Protective Direction 38 on July 13, 2016, which further accelerated the phase out of DOT-111. As a result of the directive, both jacketed and non-jacketed DOT-111 tank cars were prohibited from carrying crude oil in Canada after November 1, 2016.

97 Percent of DOT-111 Removed from Crude Oil Service

More than 18 months ahead of the FAST Act deadline, the industry reported that 97 percent of DOT-111 cars had been removed from crude oil service. [See our update on the implementation of the FAST Act]

FAST Act Signed into Law

The FAST Act included all major recommendations that had been advocated for by the RSICTC and clarified the U.S. DOT HM-251 regulations to reduce the risk of transport of flammable liquids by tank car. The law set deadlines for the aggressive and appropriate transition from the DOT-111 to the DOT-117..Read More