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FRA Signed Memorandum of Cooperation with NGRTC Project

FRA sponsored two full-scale impact tests during 2007.

AAR Issued Three TIH-Related Circulars

Between July and December 2006, AAR issued CPC-1175, CPC-1176 and CPC-1178, requiring more robust tank specifications for anhydrous ammonia and chlorine, new car specifications and phase-out proposals.

Next Generation Rail Tank Cars (NGRTC) Project Announced

Dow Chemical, Union Pacific Railroad and Union Tank Car formed a project team to research strategies to improve tank car accidents performance by a factor of 5 to 10 times the then-current baseline cars.

Congress passes SAFTEA-LU

FRA is required to validate modeling of forces in accidents and implement appropriate design standards for pressurized tanks.

ATCCRP Program Conclusions

The Advanced Tank Car Collaborative Research Program (ATCCRP) investigated a broad spectrum of technologies that had the potential to improve the safety and security of tank cars and development conclusions. [Read the Conclusions]